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Having an executive level project manager take over a complicated IT project ...

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Benefits to utilizing a temp IT Executive

Whether its a CTO, CIO, or Director of IT or other eCommerce and Cloud professionals, all of these come down to saving you time
Go to Save Money

Save Money

A full time IT executive can range from $150k to $300k in the Boston area and North Shore. Using a temporary CTO you only pay for the time you use and when you have an executive working for you, jobs get done faster, with little learning curve and a lot more experience.

Go to Knowledge to grow

Knowledge to grow

If you talk to an ERP consultant, you will need an ERP, if you talk to a Cloud consultant, you will need cloud servers, a Magento consultant… You get the idea. We can help determine, based on your needs, what is truly right for you and can help manage that process as well. Is open source the best option? What about basic accounting software over an ERP? Or would some combination of CRM and Inventory Management software work with an integration?

Go to Manage Outside Resources

Manage Outside Resources

IT has a lot of complicated areas. Websites, eCommerce, computers, servers, anti-virus, asset management, networks, cloud infrastructure, and all of the applications necessary to run your business. Managing, negotiating and ensuring each are doing their job can be a daunting task, especially with limited time or knowledge to manage each efficiently.

Go to Get Experience

Get Experience

Utilizing someone with executive level knowledge, former CTOs, CIOs, and Directors, bring to the table a level of expertise that can help guide the company and/or project in the right direction to utilized all IT resources to the maximum amount.

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied." ~ Arnold Glasow

What is a CTO

It is not always clear what a CTO, Director of IT, or IT Manager does, and there is no definitive answer either.
A Chief Technology Officer is the backbone of technology efforts

Each company has their own definition based on their needs and the needs of their staff, clientelle and competition.

In a nut shell, the CTO (IT Director and often CIO) is the one with the knowledge of operations and technology within the company and keeps all of the aspects of IT together.

Why hire North Shore CTO as a temporary IT executive?

We have, and only hire, former IT executives for our company. Right now only the founder will be working with new clients. As a former Director of IT for a global merchandising company and a CTO for a major IT company, he has the wide spread knowledge to help manage your IT needs on a part time basis, and as needed.

  • Percentage saved hiring a part time IT exec

  • There is a reason that these companies find them selves ahead of the curve

  • Percentage of large corporations that have some or all of their servers in the cloud

  • Percentage that say it is the most important aspect, even above sales


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Annmarie is the CEO and owner and quality assurance professional for the company. She works tirelessly to ensure that our clients needs are met.


CTO and Lead Project Manager
Michael is the leader of the company and works closely with our clients to ensure that their needs and expectations are met. With a vast background in technology you can rest assured he will lead your company to the cloud quickly and effectively.


Account Director
Nancy has a vast background in accounting, project management and building business relationships. She is the go to person in the company for insight into how to improve a business.

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"Don't be afraid to take a big step. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps." ~David Lloyd George

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