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An experienced Chief Technology Officer (CTO) brings technical expertise, knowledge of industry trends, and experience working with other businesses to lead and guide the development team more efficiently.

Integrate AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Do you aspire to enhance your product and service capabilities by integrating the latest AI advancements? It can be a daunting task to integrate the latest technology without the proper support and guidance. Fortunately, a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) can be your most valuable ally. Their role is to assist you with implementing AI in your business operations, by providing recommendations on what technology to use, how to best integrate it into your existing systems, and how to ensure the success of such integration. With their expertise, CTO's can help you achieve optimal results from your AI investment, by helping you align your business goals with technology to enhance your services and improve profitability. Let's connect and explore how a CTO can assist you in integrating AI into your products or services.

Big Data

A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) can be crucial in helping businesses gain a competitive edge by utilizing large amounts of data through advanced analysis techniques. With their expertise in curating and organizing big data sets, a skilled CTO can extract key insights that allow businesses to optimize processes, identify key areas for improvement, and make informed decisions based on real-time data. By leveraging the power of data in this way, companies can achieve maximum success and stay ahead of the competition.

Cloud Services

Having a CTO can help your organization transition to the cloud. The cloud offers benefits such as increased flexibility, scalability, and accessibility, while reducing costs and improving security and collaboration. However, the migration process can be complex. Your technical expertise can be a valuable resource to identify and implement solutions that meet your organization's needs. Working closely with stakeholders can ensure a flawless execution and achieve goals for a modern and agile infrastructure.


A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is essential for any organization, as they manage technical aspects, ensure security against threats, and optimize operations. With in-depth knowledge of the latest technological advancements, a CTO can provide technical leadership and make the best use of resources to minimize risks. It's a critical investment that improves security and guarantees long-term benefits.


Michael Pratt is a current IT operational expert with experience as Directory of IT, CTO and VP of IT for several companies over his career. He has helped many companies realize complex technological improvements, from moving to the cloud, starting a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) on Blockchain technology, to implementing AI.


A creative CTO can bring innovative solutions, diverse problem-solving, motivation, and competitive edge to a business. It encourages employees to think outside the box and enhances job satisfaction. By finding new solutions, companies can distinguish themselves in highly competitive markets.

Timing and budget oriented

A skilled Chief Technology Officer can help keep your project on track by managing technical aspects, optimizing processes, and ensuring everyone is aligned with project goals. With their knowledge of technology trends and industry insights, a CTO can reduce costs and keep your project within budget. By partnering with a dedicated and focused CTO, you can take your project to new heights of productivity and efficiency.

A professional with 20+ years of experience

Years of experience

Having been in IT and managed massive projects for over 20 years, Michael is the right person to help bring your company to the finish line.

Hours available

The great thing about having a temporary CTO is that you can utilize them as needed. Whether that is full-time for a short time, or part-time for a long time, we can help fit your schedule.

"Michael and his ideas and connections helped us move from an expensive to maintain in house server to AWS. Then helped us find ways to utilize AI in our company to lower costs and increase productivity 100 fold."
Mark William

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